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My name is Greg Garner and I live at 1882 Baker Road.i own a type 1 property. I don’t own a type 2 but I want to. Ive owned many long term rentals and believe me you want less of those and many more strps – it is like night and day with strps being the day. Strps are upgraded and cleaned daily. Long terms degrade exponentially over time. The future seems bleak to me and our families fund raising plan to adopt children is at risk by all this government interference.

2 things: manipulation of hotels to stifle their competition and the misguided argument that strps are hotels in residential areas.

Rate comparison of hotel prices in downtown Nashville vs Times Square for Friday, May 5

Union Station Hotel $669 vs. the W New York Hotel $233

Renaissance Nashville Hotel $569 vs. Renaissance New York Times Square $359

Holiday Inn Express Downtown Nashville $402 vs. Courtyard by Marriott New York $194

Could not directly compare to the Nashville Downtown Courtyard Nashville because it is sold out already, so can’t compare direct brands – but one could argue that Marriott Courtyards are generally nicer than most Holiday Inn Expresses.

The Nashville rates ranging from $402 – $669/night are before tax and are already unaffordable for the vast majority of travelers to Nashville.

The point is that If you get rid of the 2,600 vacation rentals in Nashville or continue to stifle growth mainly by non occupied owners then these hotel rates that are owned by non occupied openers would be even higher than they are now.

On my 2nd point about hotels in residential area – Again not solving real problems. I live in an agricultural area and the neighbors don’t care if we are owner or non owner occupied – they can’t even see my home over the acreage.

“Strp not being Accessory use because it is a business” is a straw man argument that is not fair or consistent when you consider that all long term rentals are non owner occupied and you don’t have a problem with them. Yet the majority of complaints come from these types of rentals and almost no complaints from strps in comparison. For some reason you target strp only. As long as you allow long term rentals in residential districts you sharp ups not discriminate against Strps in those same districts.

Understand you are being manipulated to regulate an industry that doesn’t need regulation – it solves its own problems for the most part. What you are doing is stifling homeowners from additional revenue streams and stifling innovation and growth.

I find it very bigoted that we would want to keep others – new diverse Owner’s and guests – out of Nashville. I also find it amazing in the wake of your lack of ability to enforce that you continue to think you can do a better job than the guy on the ground – me – at keeping peace on my properties and with my neighbors.

I am VETERAN WHO FOUGHT FOR FREEDOM and my veteran forefathers fought to keep government control – socialism – out of America.

I ask that you support 608 AS AMENDED. We support additional regulation to a point. We don’t support a ban which is what 608 does without the amendment. The staff has worked hard to put a thought but fair regulation together. Please support your staff.

We also ask that you back away from legislating problems that just don’t exist statistically – specifically stop fantasizing about bans and start dreaming about freedom.

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